How to Achieve the Perfect Closet

If you are to ask anybody if they want the perfect closet with tons of storage, beautiful finishes and glamorous lighting, I’m very sure they would say ‘yes’! Like other rooms in the house like kitchens and bathrooms, there are elements that make up a kitchen or bathroom like a stove or a toilet. Just as so with a closet, there are certain elements that embodies the perfect closet such as layout, lighting and so on. But not every closet can have all the elements of the ultimate closet, but we can dream! Here are the elements that creates a beautiful and fully functional closet:

Plan for enough Rod Length

This is a very important feature in a closet. It’s how you hang all your clothes so you need the proper amount of room.  The first rule of thumb when planning your closet is at least 48″ of rod length.

Add a Vanitydark closet, closet cabinets, walk in closet,

Including a vanity within your closet optimizes storage for other garment, while helping to eliminate other furniture in the sleeping area. Although adding in a vanity is often times a feminine feature, with the right color and finishes, it can be made very masculine.

Include enough Lighting

Lighting is very important. Probably one of the most important feature in your closet. With the right type of light you will be able to see the true colors of your clothing and other accessories.

Maximize Vertical Space

If you’re lucky yo have high ceilings in your closet, adding two levels of rods will maximize vertical space resulting in as much usable space as possible. Add built-ins that go up to the ceiling for seasonal type items you do not use as often and include a sliding ladder to access these items.

Include a Mirror

This one seems like a no-brainer, but add a full length mirror. It may make your space feel bigger and it’s always a great feature to add to the perfect closet.

closet vanity, white closet, custom closet, Don’t Forget to Decorate!

There is a lot to add to a closet to make it perfect, but don’t forget to add in your own personality! Installing amazing wall paper or photos to the walls will really make it feel like yours!

Add a Seat

If space allows, add a nice chair or lounger! It’s a great addition to closet, for style and function.

Get Creative

At the end of the day, have fun designing your closet. There are not “rules”, just guidelines for a well-rounded closet.