The Secret Behind Secret Rooms

They say everyone has something to hide, but not always in the way you might think. Some want to hide their prized possessions, jewelry, documents or even secrets of being a pack rat. Cue the James Bond secret room! Secret rooms are becoming increasingly popular in homes of any size.

These rooms can be placed practically anywhere in a home, but there are a few things you need to know before secretly installing one. Such as where you plan on installing the doorway. An already existing doorway is always best, but creating a doorway is far from impossible, it’ll just cost more in labor and materials.

Some common ways to make the doorway secretive is by installing a book case (this is most popular) or a floor to ceiling mural, a large framed mirror, anything that will make it seem it is supposed to be there. A bookcase is the most popular because most people will assume that it is a built-in bookcase and of course it provided extra storage making it dual purpose with style.

But, the real question is, why do people install secret rooms and why is the most popular option a book case door? The quick answer to both questions are because they are just cool and unique. How many homes have you been that had a revolving book case as an entry to another room? While having secret rooms are extremely popular for storing firearms and other self-defense and survival supplies, they are also used for more practical purposes. Such as, entering the man cave, child’s play room, or home theater in Bond style with a bookcase door.

Basically, if you have the opportunity to install a book case door into a secret room or an existing room, do it! It’s an aspect that is unique to a home and it will be more than likely unique to every home. Secret rooms are perfect for storage of precious items or just a cool way to sneak into a special area of the home.

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