Your Closet – Just Hangin’ Around

dark wood closetHave you ever looked into an empty closet, perhaps in a new home, and thought to yourself, “How will all my clothes fit in here?”

Well, fitting everything comes down to good space planning. Configuring how the space is organized with rods, shelves, and drawers is like putting together the pieces of a puzzle – if you don’t put the pieces in the right places, then the closet will not function efficiently. There are, however, some simple guidelines to follow for maximizing the space when it comes to hanging your clothes and making sure everything has a place.

First, let’s discuss the difference between a custom and a non-custom closet. A custom closet is exactly how it sounds, everything is custom when it comes to the sizing. Some homes may not have closets where the measurements are standard, so they require customized closet solutions to maximize space for all your clothes, shoes and other personal items. Non-custom closets have a small range of sizes, so if your closet does not fit the parameters of the specific sizes, then you’ll need to go with custom (don’t worry, McCloset only does custom).

It is helpful to have a standard list of measurements when planning for hang space. Hang space is the designated space for certain types of clothing. For example, the hanging space for women’s dresses will be longer than for blouses. Men’s jackets will require more space than slacks. Here is a list of suggested measurements to consider when deciding on where to hang certain clothing items in your closet:

Vertical Space Per Itemcandlelight combo low closet

– Women’s Blouses: 30 to 36 inches
– Men’s Shirts: 38 to 39 inches
– Women’s Suit Jackets: 32 to 42 inches
– Men’s Suit Jackets: 39 to 42 inches
– Pants: 46 to 52 inches (by cuff) or 28 to 32 inches (folded)
– Dresses: 48 to 66 inches
– Skirts: 34 to 44 inches
– Coats: 46 to 66 inches
– Outerwear Jackets: 40 to 44 inches
– Robes: 46 to 66 inches

Another measurement to take into consideration is the space allotment for shoes—I am talking to you ladies! I know you can’t help it, but let’s face it, you have a lot of shoes and that’s okay! For women’s shoes, the recommended spacing of shelves is to be 6-7 inches apart and each pair of shoes require 7 inches of horizontal space.

Remember, every closet is unique and the items you want in your closet are different from another’s. Consult with a McCloset professional designer to help you get the most space out of your closet.

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