Crafting the Home Office of Your Dreams

If you have the opportunity to work from home, you have so many more advantages than just working in comfortable shoes. You can make your home office whatever you want to make it. It should be an inspiring space that promotes creativity and productivity, a place that makes you excited about the work day. But sometimes, with all that an office needs to function, it can become, well, just like your traditional cubical.

With the excitement of a blank office canvas, the possibilities are endless in creating the perfect work place that will get the productive juices flowing. The following are some ideas in creating a home office worth staying home for.

Hide the Unappealing Technology

We understand that functionality is important, but that fax machine may not be the most pleasing the eye. If you happen to be installing custom cabinetry, designate an area where the unsightly office appliances can go. That way, you still have access to them but they’re out of sight. Or if you can afford to rid your space of these sort of supplies, throw them away or get a new, sleek replacement.

Introduce Art, Family Photos or Aspiration Motivation

This suggestion may seem like a no brainer, to add images around your work space that make you happy. By adding art work whether in the form of photo, painting or sculpture, promotes creativity. Add some family photos and images of the places you aspire to go one day, because these are the things that make us happy and work hard.

Bring Nature in

On those high stress work days, having plants in your work space will create a calming sensation. The plant can be real or fake. If it is real, be sure to follow the directions of care or get a low maintenance plant. Orchids are beautiful and relatively low maintenance.

Aroma Work Therapy 

Another soothing aspect to add for those extra stressful work days are candles and aroma oil diffusers. Scents like lavender and jasmine are calming related scents. While the smell of lemon promotes concentration and rosemary for memory retention.

These are small changes you can make to your in-home work space that will enhance the experience of working from home, just in case those slippers were not enough!


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