Cool Closet Inserts

Brightening Up Your Closetlit up closet inserts

Designing your closet can be extremely fun and exciting. There are many closet inserts to pick from to spice up your partitions. If a closet is dark one can add shelf under lighting to brighten up your space. Under lighting is completely hidden so when they are off you will not even know they are there; but once turned on they give off a beautiful under-glow to show off personalized closet. In addition, multiple levels of brightness and colors will make you love you closet. So you can set dim the lights to set the mood or get crazy and change up the colors of the lights with just a click of a button!

Secret Compartments

Another cool category of closet inserts that I believe everyone should have in their closet is a hidden toe-kick. Everyone needs a spot to hide important and valuable items; a hidden toe-kick is just for that. At the bottom of your closet is your toe-kick, if you push it in the toe-kick will pop out a hidden drawer for easy storage. After placing your valuables inside the space you can then close it up, lock it and no one will even know that it is there. Also, let’s say a customer may want to keep all their jewelry organized and locked up. We have just the solution; jewelry trays can be inserted into a drawer and then a can be locked up with a remote. So, no more ugly key holes on your beautiful drawer fronts!

Keeping Organizedtilt out hamper closet inserts

Tilt-out hampers are also becoming increasingly common inside closets now. These tilt-out hampers are conveniently built directly into our partitions to prevent eye sores and clothing clutter. When the hamper becomes full the cloth inserts can be easily removed and dumped into the wash. Last, a valet rod is suggested for any closet. Valet rods can extend from a partition and have your outfit for tomorrow hung right on it. No more stressing running late for work in the morning because you couldn’t find anything to wear!

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